EZ Clips

EZ-Clips come in a package of 5 clips Use EZ-Clips to hang banners from your shelter. This is what you'll find in the box You can hang displays from the truss using the EZClips As you can see, the uses are only limited by your imagination!

New E-Z Clips make it possible to hang just about anything from the frame of your E-Z UP® shelter - from banners and signs to swim towels to lightweight gear!

E-Z Clips, 5 Pack, Black
Price $12.00



  • Installs on your E-Z UP® shelter in seconds
  • Available in Sets of 5
  • Swivel J Hooks
  • Standard Truss Clips
  • Adjustable Slide Tensioners
  • Accessory Tote Included

1 Year Warranty

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