The EZ-UP® Endeavor Shelter just got better! The Work Cube easily attaches to your Endeavor Shelter to provide a fully enclosed space built for productivity. Use it for dust containment during tile cutting, for onsite rehabilitation and more! Complete with air ducts, dual roll-up doors on both sides and roll-up windows, as well as Power Pockets to pull a power cord through for electricity, the new Work Cube is the ideal portable jobsite solution!

Recommended Uses:

  • Wire Splicing
  • Construction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Restoration Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Hospital & Healthcare
  • Temporary Workspace

You can order the Work Cube as a complete kit (includes an Endeavor Shelter - in either Steel Gray or Limeade with Black or Aluminum frame, the Work Cube product, a Roller Bag and a 4-Pack of Filters) or scroll down to simply order the Work Cube to add to your existing Endeavor Shelter. (Replacement floors and Air Filters are also available below.)


Limeade Work Cube Kit, Black Frame
Price $1697.00

Limeade Work Cube Kit, Alum. Frame
Item# WCA10KLA
Price $1697.00

Steel Gray Work Cube Kit, Black Frame
Price $1697.00

Steel Gray Work Cube Kit, Alum. Frame
Item# WCA10KSG
Price $1697.00

Work Cube Only:

Attach to an existing Endeavor Shelter

Limeade Work Cube Only
Item# WC10SLLA
Price $699.00

Steel Gray Work Cube Only
Item# WC10SLSG
Price $699.00


Replacement Work Cube Floor
Item# RP3WCF10BK
Price $179.00

Work Cube Air Filters, 4 Pack
Item# AF15
Price $59.00

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